Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Break-ity Break-oo.

So i've had an unmentioned short break, which i'm now semi-back from... o_O

I'm doing okay, considering the circumstances. I've been tear-free for a few days, but still not i-feel-sick-in-my-heart-free.

Anyways i'll be alright, probably.

Although it wasn't really the best time, me being on a break and all, a few new bloggers have contacted me because they've just started up. :P

So go check them out and give them some support or i will **** your *** **** so *****!!!
*angry face*

Mimpy's Mind


My Gay Teen Life

OH by the way, a big thank you to everyone for their support. <3


Aaron said...


russano said...

im glad to hear that your back, i never was good at connecting to srinks, i cant even connect to my gp and she is the one that perscibes the drugs xD

Hope you start feeling better soon :)

Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

glad your back



cvn70 said...


Hey good to see you post again. I know it must have been a tough weekend. But hey every day just keep tryin to make life better

Hang in there my friend ad keep climning tat hill you are own cause going down the other side is so much easier

take care and be safe my friend

come on MSN soon HUGS


Ross said...

Good to see things are getting better.

Matt. said...

good to have u back, even partially :P

James said...

If you **** my **** I might like it...

Wolf said...

well, if you need anymore cyber hugs, dont be afraid to ask :) x

Forsaken03 said...

Ill take the "**** your *** **** so *****!!!" =D

Kinky ;p

TR said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay. Thanks for linking my blog! :)

Seth said...

Ooh. First comment.


Seth said...

You see, people look up to you, m-boy, for being such a great person.

Hang in there.


John Doe said...

Thanks for the plug<3
I'm glad to hear your doing a bit better.


Kevin Wilson said...

Welcome home. When do you start with your new Psychologist?

Angel said...

you got a new fan here, just found your blog today and been catching up on reading it. i love your pic header,its to cute i love teddy bears:)

hope you don't care but i linked you on my blog, its a lil naughty with all the pics i post.

Planetx_123 said...

I'm glad you are back and having at least some tear free days :-)

Jeremy said...

"So go check them out and give them some support or i will **** your *** **** so *****!!!"

Is that a promise? :P