Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sorry i haven't been posting much. I haven't been thinking about blogs at all. And i forgot about the 400,000 views post too, so i'll just say,



My life isn't very exciting so i haven't got much to post about. It's all just more of the same, and you've heard it all before. So meh. :P

And i don't have as much time for blogs any more. I guess i'm getting old (in blog years at least). Maybe it's time to move on. Maybe...


Micky said...

We wanna know the highlights, if you can bear to do, say, a weekly post or something?

Really interested in how the gay/bi friendly youth group goes AND your radio work exp. in particular.

It'd also be good to know you were still around and what the next two years bring!

Plse don't desert us - maybe just ration us back a bit!

Mr. HCI said...

Nooooo . . . it's not time to move on!


It's your decision, though.

John said...

Yes, MB everything changes ! And along with that so do we !
You know I`d miss you but looking at the big picture maybe your just growing and moving on as it should be.
This blog had been a good useful
tool for you (and us out here following you) follow your heart !

WkBoy714 said...

*hugz* =D

cvn70 said...


i know yo are getting old :) bu i hope oit never time for you to move on buddy

at least i still need you and wuld miss you to death. hope to see you soon on MSN

take care and be safe


xthecouragex said...

Noooooo...don't leave me too


I will get on my knees and...umm...beg for you to stay

yeah "beg" =P

Aek said...

Hurray for the 400,000 views!! :D

Why are so many blogs so short-lived? It's an interesting concept, perhaps one should study that . . .

naturgesetz said...

Well, we like to know what's happening with you, so it would be a favor to keep the blog up and at least post about big events. But I completely understand that when you've basically told us about your life, there isn't much desire to post more of the same. And its good that you have things to occupy you.

We just don't want to lose contact altogether, because we care about (that is, love) you. And I want more kitty pics every now and then.



word verification: pings (whatever that means)

oops. took too long to write the comment. now it's pilodob. :/

mrgagaa said...

And I was just getting to know you . . . :(

Matt. said...

W00 im first to comment... or am i? :P Nah dont go we love you too much

Anonymous said...

Ultimately the blog is about you and by you - so its all up to you what to do with it :)

There are lots of good things in here though, and a lot of new people 'find' it regularly - for them they certainly haven't heard it all before! And for us regulars, we enjoy your updates and prose (when you have time).

Don't abandon the blog I reckon (but .. easy for me to say, as I don't have to write the posts every time).



Seth said...

Yay first comment. Hints of possible suggestions of threats do not become you. Leave that to David.

Well, just go about daily life, keeping focused on that is probably a bit healthier than living here in blog land, just don't forget us!!!


Mirrorboy said...

All these silly people who think they're the first to comment... *shakes head* :P

Seth said...

Damnit, it didn't show all 9000 other comments when I first loaded up the page. *pout*


Dave83201 said...

First we lose AJ, then you talk of moving on! Its a sad time for Blog-world.

Even having a little less Mirrorboy is better than no Mirrorboy. Take what time you need, but remember to come back to us.


James said...

Everytime I think of moving on from blogging someone in mafioso style threatens me with bodily harm.

Okay, so it's not that bad, but there is such a sense of community here it is hard for us when someone heads in a different direction. Such is life.

Ben said...

Please don't close your blog. All of us, not just the people who comment on this deeply deeply care about you. Most of us... mainly me, love you in a very blogger buddy way. If you really want to you can stop posting. Just know that you will be deeply missed, and I'll go crazier than I already am.


J said...

The sad thing about "moving on" is that it is like a death in the family, or an unfinished novel. You could succeed in life or you could fail, but your readers won't know a thing about it. We were invited to love you and follow you, so now we think we're invested-- entitled to know what happened to you when we're not. We feel like one of the stuffed animals in your logo. The kid grows up, and they are given away, thrown out or packed away somewhere in a trunk.
I read once about a tribe in Africa that had an interesting custom. Once the boy reaches a certain age (14?)they have a ceremony in which all his childhood possessions are put into a small hut and burned. Actually it is a ceremony of liberation. So I guess that even though it may seem like a kind of electronic auto da fe to us, our sentiments may only serve to stand in the way in your maturation. No one wants that, but, gee, we sure would miss you.

naturgesetz said...

"All these silly people who think they're the first to comment... *shakes head* :P "

Yeah. They don't realiz/se (as I did :D ) that with comment moderation enabled, the absence of visible comments does not mean that none have been proffered. You and I are way too clever for them. LOL

w. v. disheout