Sunday, December 20, 2009

How I Met Bitboy.

(Sorry for the long post but it does have a rather strong point to it) :)

You know i've always been incredibly interested in how one small action can have huge implications. In fact i often find myself thinking 'where will this action or decision lead me in the future?' when i'm at a crossroads. It's why i strive do always be nice whenever i can, because you never know when a nice action can lead to a new friend.

I think the majority of my readers also came across me and my blog through internet searches or clicking random links. If you'd typed something a little different, clicked a link above or below, or not even been on the computer that day, you might not know i existed. And many of my blog readers are good friends that have enriched my life a lot.

Well on to the point of this post. It's how i met Bitboy.

Before i got WoW, i used to play this game called Knight Online. And it was a horrible game, utterly terrible, it was. Basically it was ruled by hackers and bots. The only way to level up was to find yourself a hacker to be in a group with. And then there were the bugs and glitches, and typos. Oh god, the typos. When what you were told to do was coherent enough to understand, there would be a glitch or two that made it impossible to do.

And the gameplay was bad enough too. There were warriors, mages, rogues and priests. You could only wear armour designed for your class, and the only decent stuff was so hard to get, only people who hacked or cheated to get money could buy it. The same goes for weapons. Even low levels could wield ridiculously overpowered weapons, if they had money, that is. And the music was the same goddamn track over and over and over again.

But i digress. One day while playing this horrible game, i entered an event and was put in a group with a mage called Weebs. He did his job well and saved my virtual ass many times. After the event was over i saw him back in town and said he did a good job, and he said i did as well (both with a smiley). Then we parted our separate ways.

I was in a group with someone doing a quest later, when i ran into him in another town. Weebs knew the person i was grouping with, so we all started talking. By the time the other person had left, me and Weebs were getting along quite well.

It was then that i found that Weebs was actually an Australian. We kept talking, and decided we would play together when we could. Later on, we were partying with an American who made some rather homophobic remarks. :P Meanwhile i am very much a hint-dropper. I guess i could explain it in that i try to get a read on a person's like or dislike of gays by making borderline sexual remarks or innuendo. Does that make sense? o_O Sometimes people will act positively, others will freak out at even the slightest hint of a hug.

Anyways it worked better than i expected. By the time we got back to the main town and were alone again, Weebs asked me 'are you bi?'. I replied with something like 'you're half right lol'. He'd picked up on my semi-obvious remarks, and when i told him i was gay, he in turn said he was bi. That's when i started to go like (O_O).

'Omg' i was thinking, 'he's Australian, he likes boys, and he's a teenager'. That's an incredible lot to have in common in a game in which the majority don't even speak English. 'AND HE'S NICE!'

Soon after, i showed him the address to my blog. Then our game conversations turned to MSN conversations. Within a few days of knowing each other, i was beginning to like him, a lot. And he liked me too. It got to the point where i would only bother playing the game to see him and have his 'company'.

When he said he wanted to leave Knight Online to go back to playing World of Warcraft, i decided i had no choice but to buy it and start playing it. Being around him, even online, made me so happy. We both made new characters, and went through the levelling process together. And let me just say, WoW is infinitely better than KO. :P

The rest is history.

The fact is, if i hadn't been playing Knight Online, on that day, at that time, and entered that event (meeting Weebs), and afterwards entered a group that lead me to a town in which Weebs was at at the same time, and having Weebs know the person i was grouping with, giving us a reason to talk more... I might not have had a boyfriend for 2 weeks, 2 weeks in which i was the happiest i've been for years.

That's why i'll always be thankful for that horrible game.


John said...

You were reading my mind I was on the verge of asking about this
(how you 2 got together) then I
just took a peak at your blog and there it was ! Amazing !

And yes, it just goes to show and prove that one never knows ?

Thanks for posting that !

AJCon89 said...

So.... basically what you are saying is that we should all spend our time playing shitty games online... lol.

OK... done!

And yeah... things often happen in the oddest ways... it almost makes things better that way...

Aek said...

Isn't it funny how life works this way? I'm still waiting for that same kind of serendipity. Hopefully sooner than later!

Kevin Wilson said...

Life is just one long series of those kinds of coincidences. Most of the time, it seems to happen to everyone else but once in a while, the pendulum swings your way.

Thank goodness for random acts of dull game play.

I really must agree with you on the idea you hinted at regarding how unusual it is to even find an Australian in a game - heck, it's almost impossible to find us when we're just floating around aimlessly.

Seth said...

Awww. How sweet. Yes, fate does do interesting little things in our everyday lives. I'm glad your characted stumbled upon his. Which were you, the warrior? The rogue? The priest? Or another mage?


Your post made me think of an old game called Wizardryl. But my age is showing there. LOL.

Mirrorboy said...

I was a priest. :P

AJCon89 said...

ah.... figures that the Priest ends up touching a young boy... :-P

billy said...

You put yourself out there. You felt confident enough to drop hints. It all started from that bit of bravery.

I'm so happy for you, but also for your mum. I can only imagine how happy she must be seeing how this has changed you. After having such faith in you to allow a total stranger into her home to sleep with her son for a fortnight. You are truly fortunate to have each other.

PoisonedHappiness said...

Why it never happen to me? :(

Anonymous said...

sigh.... thats just like a fairytale... LOL i wish i had a bf... and not an online ..... well.... i dunno what we are.... im soooo jealous of Mirror boy... XP

John said...

AJ ! That was cold !

Planetx_123 said...


Thanks for that story, and yes I find it fascinating. I try to be very conscious of the small things. For me, one of the smallest events that changed my life was actually my mothers choice. She arbitrarily chose to teach at one school over another. This lead to hear co-authoring a book with the Asst Principal, and that lead to me using his son as a reference to get a job at the movie theatre chain. Had I not done that my life would be completely different.

It's fun to think about. So much of us is the sum of our past experiences...


Highwayman said...

I'm so glad that you have finally found happiness. I wish you and Bitboy the very best and a long and fruitful relationship.


Louis said...

I totally agree with you mirrorboy. The universe put me on a random path to my lover.

BitBoy said...

lol thats amazing, i never realised just how lucky we were <3

oldmidhurstian said...

And that's what makes life such an amazing thing. Lovely story, thanks for sharing


WkBoy714 said...

Well this just proves how online friends are just as important and equal as 'real-life' ones. :)

Congratulations (again) on such a small chance in an unlikely place leading to this

Benji said...

That's cute ^^
By the way, i've got no news from you since long time...