Sunday, December 13, 2009

300th Post. :O

Well, recently. lol. I totally forgot about #300. It was a few posts ago. Ehhhhhhhh i don't have anything planned. So just expect something really good for 400. :P

'On-hiatus'-blogger (his words, not mine :P) Spencer came over to visit me and meet Bitboy today. :P He's doing well, working in event management in Melbourne occasionally. And Bitboy says he's looking good too. *suspicious* >.>

Bitboy just had a shower. Now he's sitting at the table eating biscuits. Not much else to say. :P

I'm starting to like my life. :)


Anonymous said...

aww im happy for you!!! :]

J said...

Like your life? Hell, you love it right now!

Synxiec said...

<3 sounds lovely. enjoy lads :)

keliss said...

Good for you. It's about time.

AJCon89 said...

Congrats on 300... but that probably not what all of us should be congratulating you for... lol

I cant wait for post 600... :-P

And I am sure there is plenty more you can say but you just wont... lol

Love you buddy.


Seth said...


Jeremy said...

I like that you like your life :D

Aek said...

I reached my 300th post 2 posts ago. Interestingly . . . it wasn't an upbeat post. o_O

Now, I've just one question to ask you. At the time you wrote this post, why weren't you in the shower with Bitboy instead of blogging? ;-)

J/k, enjoy your day with him. ^_^

Landyn said...

love you buddy. so glad you're happy :) don't forget about me haha

<3 have a great rest of your time with him

John said...

Amazing MB discovers LIFE ! haha

Yeah, it`s always out there that
big surprise waiting around the corner from us !

I`m sure half of the world is so happy that you`ve found this out !

It is a good Christmas present for all of us ! (you too !)

Mind Of Mine said...

Congrats on the 300!

and the biscuits!

Kevin Wilson said...

So Bitboy is living with you and your mum now? How is his family taking it considering what they put him through?

Good to know you are happy with your life.

Mirrorboy said...

No. o_O

He's leaving on Wednesday.

WkBoy714 said...

all of a sudden it's like your home is blog-meeting-central. :)

*wants a ticket, preferably non-return*

cvn70 said...


i know by now he is gone from your grasps or at least that was the plan. Keep him close to your heart and hold in your memory his feel, his smell and his touch.

a yearago you suffered in your little ton and now 3 gay guys are getting together to share some time my how things have changed

take care and be safe