Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bitboy's Gone.

He caught the train back to Melbourne today, on the way home to Sydney. I was teary after his train left but it's so hot and dry outside that my tears dried up straight away.

I must say that his stay here went... perfectly. We got along really well, even if we did have a few fights - nothing major and it always resulted in more cuddles. :P My cats liked him. Tiger brought him home some birds, one of which he then proceeded to eat in front of Bboy. o_O He left a single leg amongst the feathers. Nom nom. My Mum liked him a lot too. "Can we keep him??" she said. He bought her a big box of chocolates as a thank you gift, which was nice. I, of course, ate some. :D Thanks Bboy. :D He even got along with my Grandma really well. Whether or not she clued on that we were an item, i don't know. But she liked him. :)

Now i have to go back to living a single life. I dunno how i'll cope. It will be really strange sleeping alone tonight, waking up alone. I'll have to find something to entertain me. I'll have to adjust to not having arms around me and someone warm to snuggle against. I might even miss his slobbery kisses... maybe. :P

What is most of concern right now is what will happen between him and his family when he gets home tonight. Will they stop trying to prevent him from contacting me after he's spent over 2 weeks with me? Will they still try to take away his independance, after he took things into his own hands and left unnanounced? It seems kind of pointless to me, because when they push he'll only fight back harder, but it's all down to what they think, and if they can realise that.


Planetx_123 said...

Well I will certainly have my fingers crossed that his family stops acting like crazy folk. I'm so happy for you mboy :-)

So when will you two love birds see each other again? Soon I hope!

Much Love,

J said...

It's hard to comprehend what has happened to you in he last two weeks. Your back posts are now lightyears away. Win, lose or draw this has to have been a major milestone in your life, and I along with a lot of others hope the good times will continue unabated.

AJCon89 said...

I am so happy you had an amazing time... it just brings smiles to my face to read about you happy like this.

Yeah... being alone at night after having someone there stinks... Even when Becky goes home for a night or two... it just sucks... even though I know I will talk to her in a few hours and probably see her the next day.

btw... gross on the bird stuff :-P

Its really cool that your mom and grandma liked him... I wonder if they figured out what you were doing behind closed doors... lol

Anyway... I have been really nervous about him having to go home... Hopefully things will be ok... but I just worry that they will kick him out or something... and I can tell you... that is not a good place to be in... it fucking sucks...

And even if they dont kick him out... but make his life hell... not a good thing. Hopefully things will work out for him...

Anyway... cant wait to talk to you again...

Love you.


Synxiec said...

I know a little bit of how that feels. It's something like holding heaven itself in your hand for a little while.

I hope that Bitboy comes through okay. He'll need you a lot soon. I feel it. Especially with the bunch he'll have to deal with soon.

Just said...

Huggs Mboy ... my heart goes out to you and bitboy. I hope he is in your arms again soon. I wish him peace and acceptance , and most of all safety . Love Lee

AGENTK007 said...

super hugs to a supr guy. Ur simply a gr8 guy an its goina b hard bein apart. hang in ther.

Yull get thru it an well i think the next time will be evn bettr.

SHOOT for the Stars, reach for the MOON an all yur wishes will cum true.



John said...

Hey, yeah the roller coaster of life !
Hope things work out ok.

Well I must say been quite a year !

And it`s not over yet !

Maybe your Mom will get her wish ?

You take care of your self, please?

Seth said...

Awww.. what a sweet gift to bring him... (the dead bird LOL)

I hope when he gets back he can sort things out.

And you hang in there too.


Aek said...

I'm glad Bitboy's stay went amazing well and you both had a wonderful time. :-)

I, too, hope that Bitboy's return goes alright and that his family doesn't flip out. Be there for him, okay?

BitBoy said...

mboyyyy my love!!! Im happier that things worked out too! I got home, dad was upset mum was tired and you know the rest. I'll post about it, but know i love and miss you too.

Micky said...

Hey he won't be gone forever. Just for a while.

cvn70 said...


I hope all is well when bitboy returns but I'm glad the visit went so well. You deserve the happiness

Take care and be safe


WkBoy714 said...

Heyy Mboy,
sorry to hear that good things draw to a close yet again :(

But this is just the very start of something magical that you can have again :D

Im glad it went so well, and next time you feel single or lonely, or down, you can remember those times to keep you going, to remind you you're a cool loveable person and to give you next time to look forward too :)

Hope it was as great as it sounds!

Key said...

He's around 19 or something isnt he? I doubt his parents are going to take it well, I dont think anybodies parents would if they disapeared for 2 weeks.

If he just picked up and left, they'll be angry alright. Lets just hope they are angry that he left. Not what he left for as in you :/

You'l find out soon enough

Jeremy said...

"My Mum liked him a lot too. "Can we keep him??" she said."

You should have said YES :D