Monday, November 9, 2009

What Do I Hate?

Summer. I hate it so much. :S

Being in Australia during the Summer sucks. It gets so freakin hot!

I hated Winter too, but now that Summer is approaching, oh, how i miss it. lol

It's easy to warm up. Put on some thick clothes, put on a heater, wrap up in a blanket. But with Summer, there's nothing you can do to cool down. :(

It's hot, and dry, and icky and sweaty and insecty and hot.


Also, see obligatory
WoW pic, now that i'm a WoWser. :P


Dave83201 said...

Damn, here I am in my drafty apartment shivering! A little more summer is exactly what I need!

Cool off and take care!

Brett said...

I know exactly how you feel, I cannot stand summer.

The heat is terrible.

Aaron said...

geek! lol. i have to agree with the winter vs summer thing! too many bloody flies. its worse in brisbane - humid as well.

keliss said...

Hate summer, huh?

Tell ya what... I'll trade ya places. It's approaching winter here. Ever experience a Canadian winter?

I'll take your summer. lol

John said...

One day your going to knock me knickers off by saying " It`s
a beautiful day ".
I`m thinking now of what I learned
long ago "We all ways want what we
don`t have" !
If your hot you want winter if your cold you lament the loss of
summer !
Your 100% MB ! lol

WkBoy714 said...

Heh ^_^
Expensive but I hope it's worth it.

My friend plays that, want me to introduce you? :P

Oh by teh way, I'd know nothing about living in a hot place. This is England - summer is winter is summer.

Micky said...

I also cannot cope with hot weather. England is close to ideal in that it does not have much at all in the way of hot summers or long stretches of cold winter. Hooray!

PoisonedHappiness said...

Wanna swap? You'll get taste of European winter and I'll enjoy Australian sun which I really like =)

Matt. said...

Nah runescapes better :)


Aek said...

Haha, level 18 blood elf priest? Interesting. :-P

I'm a bit surprised you didn't play as a hunter, as then you could have a cat pet. XD

Mustard said...

We have our winter here UK now.
Only bad part is it's dark at 4pm.

Mirrorboy said...

Everyone offering to swap - YES PLEASE. :P

Phil said...

Mboy spotted outside the auction house! He told me I need to comment because I messaged him. =P

Peter said...

You receive loot: [Snapped Spider Limb].

O.O wtf?!

You can come here for the next few months and avoid the horrid heat if you want :)

*looks up ticket prices*


Well, it'd cost about 11,000(USD) to fly from Melbourne to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and back again in two weeks...

so... maybe when you're rich and famous :p

Seth said...

*sends snowballs and freezing cold air*


BitBoy said...

lol mboy, i know EXACTLY how u feel :P no surprise there really :)
He aint a hunter coz i am and he thinks my cat is sexy ;) grats on the 80 gold made in ur copper bar auction :P

mrgagaa said...

Yeah, summer can suck but at least you're not as likely to catch a cold or flu. Not that big of a benefit, I know, but just looking at the bright side for ya. :)

Tombi04 said...

Um, Matt, did you really say that? Runescape?! Oh yeah, it's a great game, especially how all your armor falls off when you die...
Not to mention those awesome graphics.

TFbluesky said...

Here, I would like to swap for a while.
I would like to go back to the heat, the nice beaches in Australia for a few weeks or so and you could come to Dublin. I promise It wont be warm over here for the next few months and it gets dark every day at 4 at the moment. How would that be?

Jake Annonymous said...

Ahh, to live in a part of Australia where it isnt hot enough to justify a pool, yet hot enough for you to complain a few months a year =D

Dirtyish Builder said...

Mboy what are u complaining about u can get to sit in ur pants (underwear) and not be cold. We all know how much u like that ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)