Thursday, October 28, 2010

English exam.

Well i just had my year 12 end-of-year English exam which counts towards half of my final mark for the year. I had 3 hours to do 3 essays. -.-

1 Text response. 1 Writing in Context piece. 1 Language Analysis.

After our 15 mins of reading time i decided to go with the Language Analysis first cos i'm pretty confident in identifying persuasive techniques in an opinion piece. :3 I managed to do a decent job of that and finished just in time.

Then i had a look at the other two sections. The Writing in Context part, where you write either an expository, persuasive or imaginative response, drawing on ideas from one of two texts to respond to the prompt, had a prompt that said 'Having a sense of being different makes it difficult to belong'. I was like "score!" and wrote a personal persuasive piece about being gay and all that crap. :P And finished just in time again.

Then i had to do the Text response, and that was the one i was least confident in. You have to write a response to one of two topics for one of two texts. They all looked pretty horrible but i chose "'When confronted with the mortality of others, the characters in Look Both Ways learn a great deal about themselves.' Discuss." I didn't do as well with that one and wrote a pretty bland and confused expository response that was kind of related to the topic. I was writing the last sentence of my conclusion when we were told to stop, and i wasn't able to finish it, so that bugged me. :/ But it's kay. :P

The main thing i focused on was just getting over my perfectionism and writing words down onto the page. That wasn't too much of an issue for the first two cos i was quite confident in what i was writing, but i hated the tripe i was serving up for the text response so it was a struggle to keep wading through it.

Anyway i did the best i could for the hardest work i've ever done. I'm happy with that. The multiple choice Maths exam is on Monday, and the written response Maths exam is on Thursday, but English was the one i was most concerned about.



cvn70 said...


Sounds u did very well. And hey the best thing is that its over now. I hope the rest of the exams go well. U have come so far and climbed the mountains that life has presented you. There will be still hills in your life but now u have the skills to climb them. Btw I hope the view looks great from the top :)

Hugs take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

They call it English do there too? We call it English in America also. Reading, writing,etc. I think the more technical term is grammar or prose or writing.

I wonder what the French or Canadians call it?

On time I asked a German what they called a cut of meat Americans call a New York Strip. Is it like a Berlin strip?

I digress trying to be comical, which I think is a type of English too. Good job on your Essays.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like my CLEP tests in English and Math. Pass or suffer through endless boredom. And you can't ever finish them. Well cool that you feel pretty confident. There's never been any question as to your intellectual abilities. Sounds like you took the exact correct approach to the tests: do your best, don't sweat the small stuff, and just write your heart out.

I'll bet the maths will go as well. Please let us know. And don't sweat it too much. You know you did your best. That's what's important.

Peace <3

Billy said...

Well done! It sounds like it was quite a reasonable paper. Lots of happy students out my way. Good luck with Further Maths.

PS just check your timetable, exam 2 is Wednesday I think. Or at least that's what I told my students!

Mirrorboy said...

Nope, Monday and Thursday. o: But then i do TAFE, not a mainstream school.

Anonymous said...

Of course if one examiner reads your two confident pieces first then s/he'll have already decided you're pretty hot at English and will give you a great mark for the third on perhaps!

Planetx_123 said...

Congrats-- I love that feeling of accomplishment after a tremendous amount of effort. Its extremely satisfying.

Be sure to let us know what marks you get!

Much Love,

p.s. verify word is "oblopo" which i doubt is a word but wow is it fun to say!! three times fast: oblopo oblopo oblopo! I think ill start using and see if people call me out on it or just think "Wow he must be smart, ive never heard of that"

Mirrorboy said...

@Micky - This could be true, if not for the fact that i did the sections in reverse order, so the crap one is actually Section A. :S

@Planetx - Or they'll think you're insane...

naturgesetz said...

Looking forward to learning what grade you got — I'll be surprised if it's poor. If one part was not up to your standards, and the other two were excellent, that still averages out to good.

I spend way too much time trying to get just the right word and phrase the idea just right. SO I understand about the difficulty of making yourself just put something down on paper.

Anonymous said...

m/b, good luck with the English exam results. I hope you used the capital 'I' letter when needed. We know how much you hate using it here!

D. xxx

Jason Shaw said...

Good luck, sounds like you did well. Be proud of yourself. Like your friends are of you.

Seth said...

*examines you*



Maybe One Day said...

Year 12 is tough, I can't believe I haven't found this guys blog sooner. I like it :)

PSR said...

If I were still writting at the end off me english exan, then I would get a best mark in it. Most time I would have done by half way.

Anonymous said...


Peace <3

Steevo said...

So, hay, whats up last 2 months?


Seth said...

Oooh. Bloggy Bear "Hugs" book!!

Hey there dear Mirrorboy... I hope this finds you well and safe, and having a wonderful happy holiday season!!

Merry Christmas and lots of *hugs*