Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Endings.

Well, surprisingly, today was my last psychologist appointment, and likely the last time i'll see her. She gave me a folder of worksheets and resources that i've used in the past, and the closure documentation is in the mail. And that's that.

It came as a shock to me as i didn't expect today to be the last day, but i guess it makes sense as i didn't really have much to talk about any more, and the stuff that i did, was all positive. The fact that it was such a shock could contribute to me not being too upset or worried, but i think i'll genuinely be okay on my own. And if i'm not, there's plan Bs and Cs.

Reece went home six days ago. Things are harder than i anticipated they would be without him. Having him here made even the most boring of things fun and enjoyable. Every day was awesome with him here, and now they're just... alright.

We're hoping to have him come back sometime around Christmas, and then i'll visit him sometime next year, assuming we're still together. :P

And school. I've been doing mad revision for Maths and English the past few weeks. It's been test exams and revision every day. The end-of-year, end-of-school final exams are only a week away now, the most important ones i've ever done, so things are pretty intense at school.

Before you get excited tho, let me remind you that i'm doing year 11 and 12 of school at the same time, over 2 years, as i'm year 11 age but advanced at doing Maths and English, so i'm doing the year 12 subjects of those. So this won't be my final year of school. I'll be back next year to do a few more year 12s.

But things are good. Mostly good. :)


Planetx_123 said...

YAAAY! for "mostly good" :-) this is a stark improvement from a number of posts I remember from the past few years ;-)

Im really happy for you and proud(?) -- so glad things are going well. Life is lookin up for my mirrorbuddy waaaayyyyy across the planet.

Where its spring, yet cold >_> :p

Lotsa Love,

Micky said...

Good luck with the exams - and roll-on next bf visit!

Wet Kyle said...

Congratulations and good luck. Will you be taking some college classes next year with the rest of 12yr classes?

That was quite an extended stay for reece. Were you able to put some meat on his bones Lol?

Mirrorboy said...

@Kyle - Nah just more 12s i think.

And he just won't plump up no matter how hard i try. D:

As for his bone however...

naturgesetz said...

Good luck on all the tests. I'm sure you'll do well.

I'm sure it's just a little bit scary being finished with the psychologist, but it's great that she thinks you don't need her anymore.

jaygeemmm said...

Good for you, Mboy! And good for the psychologist, she (actually both of them) did their job well. The last 2 years were compressed into just a few months as I caught up with you, but to go back and see the huge difference in maturity is amazing. Thank you for taking us along for the journey.

I'm sure it's very different with Reece gone. WOW! What a nice long visit though. It lasted longer than a lot of my relationships. HAHAHA Too bad you couldn't fatten him up.

I'll bet you do well on the exams. Sounds like you're studying your butt off. Well good! Keep us updated when you get a chance.

Peace <3

Seth said...

Mostly good is sometimes the best you can get and you're in pretty good shape.

*Big hugs*

BTW you need to ask D for a new Bloggy Bear picture... that newspaper headline is old :)

Kakistos said...

Yea, use your l33t photoshop skills to whip up a new banner =P

Aek said...

Sounds like everything's going pretty good for you. :-) That's such a change from when you first started blogging.

Kevin wilson said...

Congratulations on finishing up with the psychologist. She has obviously seen a massive amount of change in you to be able to let you go and stand on your own. Good luck with it and keep looking forward.

I'm sure you'll do well in your exams so relax and enjoy watching other people stress out about it.



J said...

Your rocket remains on a true trajectory. You're only jettisoning the booster.