Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Huzzah. :3

So he's here and everything is good. :P We get along really well and do fun stuffs together. Dunno what else to say really. :P

He's really tall. O: I'm 170 cms and he's 190 cms. So if we wanna hug i can't put my head on his shoulder. :P

And he's skinny as hell. o_o I need to fatten him up. :3

And he's cute and sexy. :P

Dunno what else to say. Things are good. ^_^ If there's somethin you wanna know leave a comment and i'll answer it in the comments section. :P



Anonymous said...

LOL. Cherish the moment. I like guys who are shorter than me. So I hope there someone for me (like you) that likes guys taller than you. So when spooning, having the inside all the time isn't all that bad. Have fun MB and live your life.

Seth said...

Enjoy every minute together!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Welcome to Mboy's place, Reece!!! HAHAHAHAHA (presumptuous of me...sorry!)

That's not much diff, tell him to bloody well bend over!

And skinny is good. So is cute and sexy.

I know all I need to know: you two are having an awesome time, and deserve to be happy together! Well good. I am also happy, for both of you.

Peace <3

Paige said...

<3 ^____________^

Aek said...

I'm glad everything's going well. No questions for now. :-)

Lightning Baltimore said...


Time to invest in platform shoes?


Anonymous said...


Enjoy - it's quite fashionable.

Oliver said...


Rowan said...

A good ol' British saying here mate - I'm absolutely chuffed for ya!


Jeremy said...

You deserve the happiness ;D

I could use some of it >_< the world seems to be working against me for now.

WkBoy714 said...

exactly what the guys above me said

cvn70 said...


You can do some baking again :) Everything sounds great.

take care and be safe



Mirrorboy said...

<3 :3

Anonymous said...

You are slightly taller than me but Im' younger, maybe I will still grow up a little :-).

You don't know me but thanks to your blog it's like you would be a friend or someone famous who succeed in writing an exciting and touching autobiography ; it's amazing.

I have sent you an email ; do you get it ?

Just a question : which of your favourite hobbies will you be please to share with your boyfriend ? And about his ? Maybe you will discover wonderful things tanks to each other :-).

Take care,

Mirrorboy said...

@Mark - Seeing as we axly share lots of our hobbies, there isn't much we can introduce to each other. :P

I'm showing him games that i like though, and he's showing me tv shows that he likes. ^_^

Asch92 said...

I'm so happy for you, Mirrorboy. You deserve somebody as amazing as you. Xx

ClosetedDave said...

Love is great, seriously. Just enjoy it... Oh, and I loved the part where you talked about hugging! (: