Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beginnings and Endings.

Well, school is done for the term. I'm on my 2 week break now. ^_^ However once the next term starts (because it's year 12) i'll be doing insane revision and solid prep for the end-of-year uber-important exams. o_o

In other news, when i saw my psychologist the other day she told me that she thinks it might be time for me to stop going to see her. I've learnt a lot of skills and gained a lot of knowledge about how i work so it might be time for me to try and make it on my own.

I've gotta admit, the idea kind of freaks me out. As long as i've had her, no problem has ever been unsolvable. Nothing has been off limits and I could talk to her about things that to anyone else in my life would sound insane. She's helped me infinitely in so many areas of my life that i'd struggled with sometimes for such a long time, to such a degree that i couldn't even begin to explain.

...I think i'll be okay.

I hope so.

On a happier note, things are going swell with Reece and I. He gets here tomorrow at 4:30. I'm nervous as heck and stressed as hell.

But also excited. ^_^


Kakistos said...

4:33 to be precise! =P You're nervous? O_O I'm worried about forgetting to pack something and actually getting there and you liking me, and your Mum liking me, AND YOUR CATS, what if they don't like me? D:

If you're nervous, just remember i'm probably equally as nervous, if not more so =P

Mirrorboy said...

We'll just let you feed the cats - they'll adore you. :P

If my Mum doesn't like you you're out on your ass tho. >_>

Kakistos said...

D: D: D: I'm likable, right? 3:

naturgesetz said...

"On a happier note …"

Literally that may be true enough, but it usually implies that the foregoing is an unhappy note. I can understand that being "on your own" can feel a little scary, but to have a professional tell you that you don't need her help strikes me as great news. So my reaction when I read the second paragraph was, "YAY!" I'm smiling right now as I think of how much progress you must have made for her to say that. Go, Mirrorboy!

I hope the visit with Reece is good.

Planetx_123 said...

lol! ok well i cant wait to hear back the first happy report from you two! :-)

i can empathize with how scary it must seem to stop seeing a therapist, but clearly she would be able to guage if youre ready or not. So this means that you must've grown a lot over the course of your time with her. Be proud of your accomplishment :-) and good luck

Much Love,

Mirrorboy said...

@Kakistos - Both likeable and lickable. ^___^

@naturgesetz - I know it's a good thing but the thought of it does upset me. :/ Thanks though. :3

Mirrorboy said...

@Steve - I'll be sure to post either tomorrow or the day after to let you know how it goes. :P


omochan said...

1. Sweet. I agree with her. I think you can do it :)

2. Even sweeter. Hopefully your visit will be uber-fun :D

Aek said...

Best of luck with everything! You can do it, just one step at a time. :-) You've come a long way.

Jeremy said...

Awww I'm happy for you *hugs*

Mirrorboy said...

Thankies. :3

Anonymous said...

It's not like you're on your own, but she must feel that you're logical enough to make rational decisions. Congratulations. Carry on. We're here to support you!!

Seth said...

You've come so far and made great progress!! Maybe you want to consider the shrink on a "maintenance" level - I don't know how often you've been going but perhaps like once a month or every other month - just to keep her in the loop kind of - but then again, it's good she's giving you a kick in the butt saying get out there and THRIVE - too many shrinks would prefer you see (pay) them twice a week until you reach age 90... keeps them in business.

Either way - I'm sure you have the strength to hang in there.

I'd almost say I'd love to see you two when you meet - in a totally non-pervy way I mean - it will probably be the sweetest thing!! (Awww!)


Kevin Wilson said...

I am happy that your psychologist thinks that you are strong enough to not need her anymore and that you are ready to stand on your own two feet. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles starts with only one step.

Believe in yourself.

WkBoy714 said...

This is when you prove to your psychologist what a good job she did. Make her proud. :3
It'll be easier, fun and megaenjoyables with Reece there.

Anonymous said...

I spent some time in therapy a few years ago. I felt the same way when we "ended it", because I felt the same way you do about being there...but I also remember how different you are now than when you started, so it's clearly done the good it was intended to do. She's been on the money so far, keep trusting her. And remember, you can always go back if you need to.

I can't imagine how jumpy you and Reece must be. I'm so happy for you both!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Bases on Reece's post, better go buy a couple extra AC strips so he can charge all the electronics he's bringing!

cvn70 said...
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cvn70 said...


hey i know im a little late here but u know been busy :) Hey I remember so clearly reading the posts of this little guy who was scarred and pissed at the world

Now im reading this post and you appear as a new person. You stand tall on your feet (ok some 20 cm shorter than another) and now you look down from the top of the hill

Life is full of steps you have left to make some will be up hill others down but keeping making them because you have the strength to do it. Don’t ever forget that you deserve the best in life

Even though you won’t see the doc anymore, she will be with you in each step as she has filled you of herself. Have trust in your judgment it has carried you far.

Next year will be hard but nothing worth it in life is ever easy. I can’t stress enough how much life is made easier by the effort you put into education and your life now. Put your best foot forward each day and you will get through it and thru it well/

stay strong my friend, take care and be safe



Anonymous said...

Dead on! Well said! I concur!

Peace <3