Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pshhh. FINE.


Thank Jake Anon for talking me into it. :P

Now how the hell does this work? o_O


Seth said...


m-boy has gone over to the darkside!! Heheheheh


Planetx_123 said...

congrats to Jake Anon! oh youll fall in love with it eventually-- it is a lot of fun :-)


naturgesetz said...

Dang! Now I probably won't be hearing as much from you, as things you would have posted here become ephemeral on something I don't follow. Oh well. Sigh.

But darn you to heck, Jake Annon!

word verification: crocco — which is what I think of Twitter

new word verification because I took too long writing this comment: piked — which is what should happen to Twitter

Call me Scott said...

Hey new follower here, and just want to say welcome to the twitterverse, :).

Love the blog hope to read more soon, and if you fancying following a random Brit you can find me, be warned though I Twitter random stuff lol @poisonedessence.


Peter said...


This made my day :D

omochan said...

lol. welcome to twitter. it's actually pretty fun to use once you get used to it. if you have questions, i'll show you around.