Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Told My Teacher.

Remember that personal and special post i made a few days ago on my Words Blog? (You won't if you aren't one of the 8 people who actually read it.) Well, the day after i wrote the original, i handed it right in to my English teacher at school. He always wanted us to write at least one piece of writing a week and hand it in (but soon abandoned that goal after he got nothing every week). I handed it to him and got a pleasantly surprised smile, but wanted to get the hell out of there before he started reading. :P

When i received my piece back later in the day, it had his reply attached to the back.

Thank you for sharing this part of your experience with me. Falling in love one of the greatest privileges of being human. The cruellest aspect of this is when the other, the loved one, is fickle or less committed than we are. At the time of rejection we feel completely devastated. It is possible to believe that we might not be able to recover our composure, or our ability to love wholeheartedly again. Fortunately, it has been my experience that the human spirit is capable of coming back from adversity that at the time seems insurmountable.

I watched one of my favourite films, again, on Saturday night. In it, the central character is subjected by circumstances to extremely cruel treatment. Despite the worst that the world can ditch up, he fights back to establish his right to freedom. The movie is called "Cool Hand Luke" and stars the late Paul Newman in the title role.

Be reassured that you will recover from your bitter disappointment, provided you do not spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself. May you enter your next relationship a bit less vulnerable than you were in this instance. You will find love again.

Best wishes,
Mr. English Teacher"

At this stage i'd completely forgotten that it was a gay story. I think that says something in itself. For all the worst aspects of people and their opinions i've experienced, whenever i've 'opened up' to someone with authority and responsibility, the response has been, not so much good, as neutral. That's what we really want, after all, isn't it? We don't want a pedestal but we still want a seat.

I believe the sane people of the world accept us, and sanity ultimately, always, prevails.


Seth said...

You know, just the other day, I told one of my co-workers, that the love between two people should not have anything to do with their gender.

I love your last quote there "That's what we really want, after all, isn't it? We don't want a pedestal but we still want a seat" - that's exactly right!!

Unfortunately, in order to get to the point where we (as a community, GLBTQetc) can all sit down at that same table, we DO need the use the pedestal - but you're right one day reason and logic and tolerance will prevail.

pinstripe said...

That is brilliant, and I'm extremely happy to have read that.

<3 you mcake

nobody said...

Mr. English Teacher sounds like a nice guy. Yea for Mboy!


Aek said...


I read your post on MB Words, though I'm not sure I left a comment. I think Mr. English Teacher cares quite a bit for his students.

John said...

Bravo for MBoy!
The Flower Blooms at last!
You were being you 100% and did`nt even think about
it and turned your Gay paper in and nothing ha !
Yes, love is love, life goes on, never weaken!
Cheers, John

Planetx_123 said...

thats an awesome response, and +1000 points if he actually signed it Mr. English Teacher... i love it.

Oh and nice phrase "not a pedestal but a seat"-- very nice, Mr. Writer.

Much Love,


southern said...

Great post - great that your teacher did not judge you and treated you with the respect you deserve.
The phrase "we don't want a pedestal, just a seat" is totally awsome - so few words that say just so much.
Kindest regards Stef

Asch92 said...

You truly are an amazing writer. I will be the 1st to buy your book when it is published. Provided I get an autograph.

I too started blogging in May.
I love writing too, but more the poetry writing than the prose. Only 2 of my posts are poems, 'Your Gay Brother' and 'Dark Secret'. Check them out and tell me what you think as I'd value your opinion.

Keep up the good writing.

Take care,

Billy said...

He said it so well.

I tried writing a comment, but it just sounded trite and clichéd. I'm glad you got that feedback, and it's good that it came from a straight man living in your town.

J said...

Teachers that good need to be celebrated.

Daily Dan said...

your english teacher sounds kick ass.

Kevin Wilson said...

With all the negativity you have received from those around you, it becomes very easy to automatically react with apprehension when you open up to people (either willingly or unwittingly as in this case) so it is good that you have been shown that not everyone will automatically judge you adversely for who you are.

I think too many people pre-judge others without first getting to know them. I would hazard a guess that before your teacher made his comments on your story, he re-read it a number of times.

I certainly hope that this gives you a little more strength in dealing with the day to day hassles you have dealing with the harsh realities of life.

Anonymous said...

I just happened by, and I'm glad I did. Wow, MB. Powerful stuff there.

cvn70 said...


I didi read your story i just havent commented, but im re4ally glad that he recognized not only your talent in telling a story but that u were able to express your feelings in a concrete way

yea i guess a seat at teh table would be enough but i like his ability to not comment on the subject of teh paper and read it for what its worth

Hope to chat soon, take care and be safe


naturgesetz said...

Glad to have my encouragement seconded by no less than an English teacher. LOL

And he did it in fewer words than I did.

Word verification: rharfes — Out roud? LOL

WkBoy714 said...

You brave :O
This post made me smile ^_^

Jake Annonymous said...

TAFE teachers are deeper than I thought