Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marchin in a Gay Pride Parade.

Title says it all. :P Figured i'd make the post cos it involves a topic that many of you may be interested in. (;

So there was a state gay pride parade in Melbourne today. Me and my gay youth group went up there, and with our banner, participated in the march, under the boiling hot sun. @_@

There had to have been thousands of people there to watch or take part in the parade. And boy, there were all types under the sun up there in Melbourne, under the hot sun.

For a 'small-town boy' like myself it was quite surreal. Every stereotypical queer and queer-related person you could imagine was in eyesight at all times. I'm talking about tall drag queens in bright, flashy outfits, short-haired dykes and their bulky motorbikes, old guys in leather (and tight, bottomless pants x_x), slender tanned twinks in only tight shiny underwear, enthusiastic mothers clad in all the colours of the rainbow, and emo boys in black tops and low-rising jeans with, if i may say so myself, very nommable hair.

It was the largest collection of eye-candy and eye-sores i've ever witnessed. I've never seen so many cute boys in the same place before. And the funniest thing is, most of em like cock. :P It was so... strange to see so many openly gay/bi people in the one spot, or even openly gay people at all, for me.

It was the longest day i've had in ages, and it was the first experience of its kind for me, and quite an eye-opening one at that.

And i acquired a raging sunburn to remember.


Old Midhurstian said...

Great to hear from you MBoy. Ones first Gay Pride even is always something of an eye opener, especially if you come from a small town or like me an isolated village, whoever though ther could be so many queers in the world?

Eye candy & eye sores - beautifully summed up :)


gerry said...

and it was my first time marching as well and o what fun, so many people waving and cheering as we marched down the street as one . Even the State Police Commissioner spoke about getting a huge kick out of the positive reception he received for marching , glad you had fun Mboy

Seth said...

Were you at least.... uplifted? Empowered? Overwhelmed, I'm sure. Parades like that the first time can be such a powerful experience, and I hope you took away many positive feelings.

Hold back on denouncing the "eyesores" and remember, they are all part of our larger gay community, although they may express themselves differently, they do share that common bond.

Congratulations on participating too, must have felt awesome (or scary) to be marching proudly out on the street.

And woot for all the "nommable" emo boyz!


ps good to see you post!

pps: yay first comment :P

Mr. HCI said...


The first time I went to Pride here, I walked in the parade with a friend (we weren't part of any group). I had a stupid, silly grin on my face the entire time. Being around 10s of 1,000s of people like me was pretty mindblowing. There were all the stereotypes, but I was also struck by the fact that the vast majority of the crowd was not stereotypical at all, despite what the media portrays Pride as.

B. said...

Amazing, well done... I'm glad that you had a great time, sounds amazing, but still gay pride is not for me :D

Ben said...

I've reallly Missed you MB. I hope you still keep us a little updated on your life. You're an amazing guy.

Anonymous said...

Well good!

Glad you were able to get out and be surrounded by "family." It feels good to be in a surrounded by people that help us feel connected in a way.

Keep in touch sweetheart, and take good care of yourself.

Love Tristan

Ethan said...

At least you have heat it is COLD here and snow is on the ground with more coming as I speak and most likely when you read this comment too

gay Andy said...

Mirrorboy said: "It was the largest collection of eye-candy and eye-sores i've ever witnessed."

I **heart** the description of your day @ the gay pride parade. LOL

cvn70 said...


Travelled to Melbourne you lucy guy and it sounds like it was quite the experience. I hope you got to see your friend up there

I ma glad you got to see so many of us in one place it has to make you feel good. hope all is well and you are doing all your school work :P

take care and be safe


naturgesetz said...

Next time remember the sunscreen.

And keep your clothes on. LOL

But seriously, it must have been an awesome experience. And seeing so many different types reinforces the point that gays aren't all alike, so there is no image you have to conform to. You can be yourself.

J said...

Welcome back, stranger. You obviously forgot your sunblock.

Jeremy said...


It sounds like you had a good time..?
I'm happy :D

Put aloe on the sunburn


Aek said...

It sounds like an experience to be remembered for years and years to come! And it sounds like you enjoyed yourself as well, aside form the sunburn. You should've put on more sunscreen lotion. :-P

BitBoy said...

glad you enjoyed it <3 (eww EMOs :P)

My Time said...

Hey nice to hear from you again.
Glad you had a good time. I’m really looking forward to our Pirde parade this year here in Dublin, I just hope we get at least a bit of sun.

the immigayrant said...

Largest collection of both Eye Candy and Eye Sorer? HAHahha! True!

It was my first Pride Parade too!

WkBoy714 said...

Holy wow. :)
That sounds pretty brave, especially if you actually joined the ACTUAL MARCH with ACTUALLY thousands of people! O_O

Although the eye-candy gathering does sound quite appealing. :P I wonder which of the stereotypical groups are your favourites...

Sorry about teh sunburn but hope you had fun. Sun, Melbourne and gayness basically sums up one of my dreams :)

Hope to talk tyu soon (cough be on msn more cough)

Jason Carwin said...

i LOVE seeing hot gay guys. It warms my heart. I see them as good publicity for the LGBT community.

Micky said...

Thanks for sharing your first gay pride! Wow - it's a bit like a Rite of Passage!

Bet you never forget it. Ever. How ever many of them, and wherever in the world, you go on them over the years ahead.

What you gonna wear next year? And how are you gonna have your hair?

Kevin Wilson said...

I'm not one for public displays like gay pride parades or the Mardi Gras in Sydney but I am glad that you got to experience a gay pride parade.

Personally, I have issues with them because they tend to reinforce the stereotypes of gays rather than push for the reforms that the gay community needs to put them on the same level as everyone else. Stereotypes do more harm than good.

One day, I hope you get up to Sydney for the gay and lesbian mardi gras to see what I mean.

Reddecatur said...

Good to hear from you again! Yeah..sure must have been a great experiance.

Jimi said...

Yay I'm glad you had fun!