Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Hai There.

Yes, hai. :P

I originally started this post at school, between classes, but then my class started. lol. So anyways, here i am at home finishing it. ^_^

I wanna apologize for not being around as much as i would like to have been. D: I know i said i wanted to be on msn more, and reply to emails quicker. Frankly, i've just been overwhelmed with school stress and homework. I'm not tryin to make excuses, but i am a 16yo doing schoolwork that 18yo's typically do. lol. I have (really, really freakin boring) books to read for English, The Catcher in the Rye for one. *barf* I had a speech to do on alternative energy the other day, boring as hell again. The Maths class i'm doing is going at lightspeed. I'm just rapidly churning out sheet after sheet of work, pages full of formulas and numbers and graphs and crap. Then there's the multiple projects i have to juggle for my other classes like Psychology and Outdoor Studies.

Anyways, not trying to make excuses... :P

I only had a look at my public email address inbox, for the first time in months, a few minutes ago. I have over 40 emails that need reading and replying to. -_- And i was expecting something like that, and that's why i've been putting it off. :P

Anyways, i have 2-week school holidays in a couple of weeks, so i'll try to get over that clog of emails in the next few weeks. I'll try to get msn more too. And by 'more', i mean more often than not at all. ^_^

SO, how is everyone? O: How's blogworld? Hopefully things haven't fallen apart without me. :P

In my own life, there's lots of school and that's about it.

Bitboy was supposed to come see me in early March, but his exams were rescheduled and rescheduled, so now he's booked a flight for April 12. I know i'm lucky to have a boyfriend and all, but man this is freakin hard. )': You want something so much but can't have it. D: And when Bboy sends me naughty things it's like going 'well here's your cake, BUT YOU CAN'T EAT IT'. lol.

And boy is it a yummy-looking (huge) cake. O_O lol :P

In other news, Bitboy quit WoW to focus on studying, which was 95% of our contact, so that majorly sucks. T_T

Anyways if you have any questions feel free to comment, but at least make it interesting. No boring-ass questions about how school is going and what my subjects are like and all that. :P



Anonymous said...

Hey it's nice to know you're not dead.

WkBoy714 said...

How big is your... :D
Wait.. -_- I won't finish that.

Good to see you back. :D:D:D:D

My Time said...

Hey nice to hear from you again. Wish you nice school vacation and enjoy the time when your boy is over. T

Benji said...

Well YEAH come definitely more on msn. And quiting Wow has something positive lmao ^^
XDDD i miss you so much :P
Lots of stuff happened since we talked last time, moreover <3

Anonymous said...

what kind of icing do you like on your huge yummy cake?

glad you're doing well and thanks for checking in!

Seth said...

YAY Hai m-boy!! missed yew lots! *wuv-huggles*


so'z, like... hows skool going? and your subjects? *runs*

anyway, really do miss yew, please say hi on msn so we can have one of my special awkward 5-line convos.


naturgesetz said...

LOL at not wanting "boring" questions about the stuff you just posted about.

But I'm excited for you that you're doing all that advanced stuff. Maybe you're smarter than you think. ;) (or should that be :p ?) And I'm glad things seem to be generally going well for you.

To answer your question: I'm fine, thank you very much.

Rhythym Changes said...

It's good to see you again!

I was just thinking about you last night :|

What delicious things have you been cooking as of late?

Mirrorboy said...

SHAME ON YOU who didn't answer my questions! :P

@Micky - OR AM I? O_O

@Wkboy - Don't ask questions you know the answer to, silly boy. :P

@Time - Thank you Mr T. ^_^

@Benji - I miss you too. :P

@glatf - I definitely prefer it warm, thick and gooey. :P

@Seth - You silly. :P *shoots you down*

@Natur - As if there's any logic to smilies when i use em. :P

@Rhythym - What kind of thoughts? O: Also, not much. :P

Mirrorboy said...

Holy crap. I'm obsessed with using :P

lol :$

Winter said...

wait in joyful hope for your bf! till then patience :)

Seth said...



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're doing well!


I loved Catcher in the Rye, though, so that's five demerits, Mr. Mirrorboy. That one's banned from schools all over the place in the USA, sadly.

Anonymous said...

oops, questions:

I'm ok, I guess. In the blogworld, though, one of the blogs in your favourites list has vanished.

Planetx_123 said...

Well all I have is boring questions :-) (natural consequence of being a boring guy!)

I can't tell you how much your little post brightened my kinda crappy day. My life is also consumed by school (and work) so I can relate to being busy :-/

My little slice of blogworld seems to have slowed down significantly. Maybe I'm not catching some of the new blogs-- if you find a set of new ones that are really good then pass them along!

Much Love,

Aek said...

Thanks for the update. :-)

I think the blogosphere is holding up fine, for the most part, but I know your presence is missed. Keep doing well!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to know what's happening to the blog "Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool" by any chance, its been open to private viewer for a long time now?


cvn70 said...


Hey my friend good to see ya. Im off to florida tomorrow. Ill drive. Its about 2500 kilometers.

What is the furthest you have driven anywhere yet?

Catcher in the rye, man i wanted o be Holden caufield after i read that. I wanted to stand in the rye and stop all the harm. Would u like it better if you knew Holden was gay?

Hey life isnt going to get easier so im glad schol is challenging you. You maybe be bust but busy is good. numbers rule :)

ihope the holidays are great. Sorry tohear about bitboy, but he neds to do school now so hopefully its a short term thing

Im fine btw thanks for asking:P
stop complaining u have more than most. Enjoy him when he is with you though

i have so many questions like do you have a good stock tip :P

he i miss u a lot and hope to cya around. take care and be safe my friend


Anonymous said...

Hey. No questions from me, I just wanted to say I really miss you and I'm glad you're still posting. I love you!

Anonymous said...

O btw *POUNCEHUGZZZZZ* *sneaks a kiss on your cheek* :-) or should I say ":-*"? Once again I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Deadwing said...

How's school going? What are your subjects? :P Oh wait, Seth beat me to that little joke...LOLZ!!! i REALLY miss talking with you buddy. We need to catch up sometime! As for how i'm doing, ima okayo. I can't complain too much! I really hope we can chat soon my friend. I misses you!

Mirrorboy said...

@Winter - Mhmm :P

@Anon - *blush* Yeh i'm aware of that, i stopped organising my links ages ago tho. :P

@Planetx - Psh, you're not boring at all. ^_^ I have to show an interest in these techie things now anyways. (;

@Aek - I'm glad it's holding up at least. (:

@ST - I have no idea. I hope he's okay. D:

@Bob - psh, boring questions. :P Have fun in Florida. ^_^ I wasn't trying to complain. :S lol

@Ben - *blush* lol.

@DW - Mhmm mhmm. *kills you, buries you with Seth* ^_^ Glad you are still alive. :P Well 'were alive'. (;

WkBoy714 said...

I use :P too much too. :P

"Don't ask questions you know the answer to, silly boy. :P" Psssssh, Shoosh or I'll get my tummy owt. o_o

Hmh. Question is, wut's some of your Favourite hair types? :D

Oh and @Mirrorboy, @Anonymous: Thoughts of a Gay boy is fine :) I still talk to him. It's all ok.

Jeremy said...

"I had a speech to do on alternative energy the other day, boring as hell again."

Hey.. alternative energy is what I'm studying to spend the rest of my life on. :S

The Catcher in the Rye is a classic. I didn't like it. >_>

Well, good luck with all the school-y stuff *hugs*

J said...

You get a few demerits from me, too, because Catcher is a great book. But it's good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

That's not who I meant, WkBoy714. Tyler just made his blog accessible only for invited readers. I think he wrote something about being harassed IRL before me made it private. I don't know if he posts, tho, cause I don't have a Google account and didn't ask for an invite.

BitBoy said...

April 13* :P By the looks of it im on the outer :O lol its hard for me too :S giving up wow was like giving up a part of myself but it had to be done, even tho things havent improved much :O sounds like u do more work then i do or that i did at school and its good to hear ur doing ur work just hang in there then relax like nothing else in ur holidays. I miss you loads...<3

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Now enjoy your 2 weeks off.

Juanne de Abreu said...

I love catcher in the rye. Its one of my favourite books. the main character reminds me so much of myself growing up. He is i guess essentially like most of us, growing up feeling like you never quite found a place to belong.
Get into the book, its a goodie! trust me you will appreciate it

Anonymous said...

A creative writer that doesn't like Catcher in the Rye? It is an unusual read, but I enjoyed it.

No questions here...just happy you're still around and happy! Gay Pride parade, school going well, EXCELLENT!