Monday, December 27, 2010

Conclusion. :o

If there's one thing i've never wanted to be it's one of those bloggers who apologises for the lack of posts, or time between posts, every time they post.

I'm sorry.

I guess the end came into sight at the beginning of this year when i took a short leave from blogworld when it became too emotionally straining to be a strong presence around here. And that's a part of why i'm wrapping up now. For a long time after i started i was fully invested in this online world of ours and it became my life. I can't give my blog and its followers the attention they deserve any more. Between posting regularly, maintaining a bazillion links, reading blogs and commenting, reading and replying to emails and talking to readers on MSN etc i just can't do it any more.

Part of it is a time thing. I have a boyfriend who i'll admit is a major part of my life, a hobby that i struggle to give attention to, a final year of school that will be more work than ever, disorders and fears that i'm still learning to cope with on my own, and a job to find next year.

The other thing is that i've outlived my usefulness. I've shared my story now. I've given you the worst and best times of my life and told you how i dealt with them. For a while during so i was there to give advice and help to people who asked or needed it.

But now i'm just here. I don't have the time or strength to be invested in anyone else's life but my own, and i have little to contribute to this community any more.

This isn't easy for me in any sense of the word. But this was a long time coming and probably very overdue. This blog meant the world to me for years and i could try to explain just how much, but that would be a humungous wall of emotional text. Anyway, the people who've shared those times with me will know for themselves. :)

So, wut do?

I'll never forget the people i've met on here. I can't express how much you've helped me and changed me to be a better and stronger person. You were there for me when i struggled and were happy for me when i was happy, given me confidence when i had none to give myself, even helped me with my homework, and i hope i was the same for you in some way. I truly consider many of you to be friends, and lifelong ones at that. But our friendships are better suited to grow elsewhere than blogworld.

I won't be disappearing from the internets. I'm on Twitter every day. You can email me at the address in my sidebar and i'll get around to reading it sometime. Or you could email my main address which is under (MSN) on my blogger profile if it's important.

I won't delete my blog. It's like a diary to me. It's my history. In fact i should probly back it up. >_> I'll probly still lurk blogworld too. Maybe you'll even see an occasional comment. :P But i'll likely just read silently, to see how things are going for the people i care about. And if you desperately miss me or just want to see how i'm going, you can go to my Twitter page. You don't need an account to read what post. (My followers even got to see a pixure of my face :P)

So, that's it.

Thank you for everything.
Oh and Merry Christmas.


Rowan said...


Well, i read your twitter so it's not all bad :)
Just a shame that this is definetely your final post so i'll say one thing... dibs on first comment on last post!!!

Anyhoo, at least the blog will still be here for others to go back and read and new for new people to stumble across and read.

Farewell, Mboy... sorta


Rowan <3

Seth said...

Farewell, mirrorboy. I won't write long words, but I will miss your presence here in Blog Land.

Go forth in the world and experience real life but remember life is full of ups and downs and everything in between.

I hope there are lots of sunny days for you.

Best wishes, good luck, success, and happiness. Stay safe, and have fun.

*Super Big Goodbye Hugs*

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see this post.

I'm sorry you felt the need to say "I'm sorry". You don't need to. BUT...thank you.

You were one of the first blogs I discovered as I started on the journey to discover myself. So thank you for being there when I needed someone like you (though much younger than I am) to lead the way. It's been an amazing journey. And you have been a large part of my life for the last few months.

I've followed you for a long time, and you have been everything you mentioned...inspiration, especially.

It's good to see you moving on. Is the bf the one we know about (Reece)? I hope that whoever he is, he is as amazing as you are, and that you two are developing an amazing life together. And what is the hobby? Very cool is will do well, I'm sure. The disorders? Eh, you've learned coping mechanisms, so that's not a problem.

OK, now I'm rambling. Mboy, thank you. So much. For so much.

Please stay in touch.

Peace <3

Billy said...

You can always rely on Anonymous not to let you down with a comment like that. The sad prick.

Your story is proof that, indeed, it gets better. Life is never perfect, but if you battle through it, things improve.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

@Billy: Yup, gotta be an a$$hole in there somewhere...thanks for the voice of reason shining through!

@Mboy: You know how to ignore the idiots, you'd not have made it this far without that coping mechanism.

Thanks again for you...that's not a typo...YOU deserve many thanks for being here. Twitter here I come!

Peace <3

Biki said...

Have a wonderful fantastic life!

naturgesetz said...

God bless you always, Dusty, and keep you always in his love.

Thank you for being a friend to so many of us, and thank you for not deleting your blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, MBoy, for educating and entertaining us for so long. No apology necessary. You've done good job.

You were like a parent or mentor even though quite younger than me and many of your followers. Enjoy your "retirement" from blogging. LOL. I'm really happy for you and your bf.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a prosperous new year.

Mirrorboy said...

I won't miss the anonymous trolls. =P

Mirrorboy said...

@jgm - Ya Reece is still my bf, and writing is my hobby. :P

Aek said...

Go forth into the world and godspeed. You're ready to take on anything! Even though your blog ends here, your life is just beginning. Enjoy it. :-)


EdeSchuster said...

Hai Mirrorboy!
I'm so glad to read your first post since 2 months and I'm so sad to read that this would be your last!
When I noticed your blog in the last summer, I have read all your previous messages, because it was very impressed to me.
You're a VERY good writer and I hope, that I could read more than some Twitter-news of you in the future.
I have a dream, that I can present your first book in my little Bookshop in Berlin in the next one or two years.(And if you're on the writers-tour in germany, you'll read in my Bookstore!!!!)
I wish you (and Reece) the very best for the New Year and for your future :-)


P.S.: Which pic on twitter?

John said...

At last! The Kid is moving on !
Nothing to say that has`nt been said, I guess.
You`ve come along way Baby, as they
Remember Imbrace The Day! Life is good !

Skybluekid said...

Hey mirrorboy,

Thanks for everything. You were an inspiration to me, and probably many others.

I'm glad things are working their way out for you, and your story will help others work things out as well.

Good luck in the world.


Kevin Wilson said...

Well, I don't do twitter - never been able to express myself using a limited amount of words so I guess I will say goodbye and good luck in your future endeavours.

I hope that the happiness that you have found in your life continues on and your enthusiasm for writing bears fruit later on.

Never know, might even see you on MSN occasionally.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your friendship - and all the best!

Joshua said...

Took you long enough cute stuff ;). Have fun having a life IRL and stuff. <3 you.



Steevo said...

Good for you, Dusty! We grow and change. That's good. I do hope you write a book. I'd buy it.

All the best,


My Time said...

all the best x T